Photo Gallery

These photo galleries show some of the most remarkable elements of the REU expedition to Fiji. Fellows get to experience the Fijian lifestyle first hand, living very near the native people of that country, eating from the land, and learning about a very traditional lifestyle with a trained, anthropological eye.

This experience is nothing like a tourist visit to the Fijian Islands. REU expeditions change the lives of the young Fellows who get to travel and learn Anthropology and Archaeology with such a practical approach.

Each gallery carries a short description written by REU Fellows, who got so see these moments in real life. These descriptions give context and a personal take on the Fellows’s account of the trip.

Fijian Food Cover Fijians Cover
Archaeology Cover Travel Cover
Fellows 2013 Cover Kava Covers
Meke Cover Fiji Cover
Fijian Funeral Cover Camp Site Cover

All 2013 photos and video by Helena Corzan and Justin Gaar

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1156479 to Dr. Sharyn Jones.


One thought on “Photo Gallery

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful picture story showing life at a dig site and the Fijian culture and people. Also thanks for giving these students the opportunity to experience such an exciting life event.

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