2010 Expedition


Below are links to videos produced by Alabama Public Television about the 2010 Fiji NSF-REU. Click on any link to open the video at APT’s page.

Overview of REU Fiji 2010

Overview of 2010 Fiji Expedition

Weather and Climate Change – Interview with fellow Megan Sunderman Noojin

Gender Roles in Fiji – Interview with fellow Ben Knox

The Garbology Project – Interview with fellow Mallory Messersmith

Fijian Food – Interview with fellow Courtney Andrews

Fijian Folkways – Interview with Dr. Sharyn Jones

Children in Education – Interview with fellow Anna McCown

Archaeology in Fiji – Interview with fellow  Mallory Messersmith

Archaeology in Fiji

Earth Ovens – Project by fellow Mallory Messersmith

Na Masimasi Dig 2009

Na Masimasi Dig 2010

Wai Turu Turu 2009

Children and Education

Liku Tour

Education in Fiji

Fijian Children Perspective

Fijian Songs and Dance

How Fijian Children View the World

The Role of Music

Fijian Food

The Fijian Kitchen

What do Fijians Eat

What Makes Fijian Food Fijian

Weather and Climate

Fijian Sea Shells

Wai Turu Turu

March 2010 Hurricane 

Fijian Folkway

Fijian Men

Masi Fabric

Young Men, Young Women and Marriage

All videos produced by 2010 Fiji-REU Sponsor: Alabama Public Television